Cannabis Waste Shredders

For the Efficient Disposal of Cannabis Plant Waste & CBD Oil Extraction

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MJ-21001 Dual Shaft Shredder - Basic Cannabis Waste Shredder

Basic Shredders

Our basic shredders cater to small or medium-scale cannabis growers, providing essential shredding functionalities suitable for processing marijuana plant waste.

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MJ-21003 & MJ-21005 Dual Shaft Shredders - Heavy Duty Cannabis Waste Shredder

Heavy Duty Shredders

Our heavy-duty shredders cater to large-scale cannabis growers, delivering robust shredding capabilities designed for processing substantial volumes of marijuana plant waste.

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MJ-21010, MJ-21015, & MJ-21020 Dual Shaft Shredders - Enterprise Cannabis Waste Shredders

Enterprise Shredders

Our enterprise-grade shredders are tailored for high-capacity needs in industrial settings, perfect for processing vast quantities of plant waste from large-scale cannabis operations.

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Supporting Marijuana Growers With Efficient Cannabis Waste Disposal

Custom Solutions for All Production Sizes

At Cannabis Harvesting Solutions, our consultative sales approach is a point of pride, customized to address the distinct needs of every client. Our dedication to grasping your precise requirements enables us to offer the most effective and budget-friendly solutions, ensuring your satisfaction right from the initial interaction.

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Accessories for Cannabis Shredders

Beyond our customizable features, our wide selection of cannabis shredders includes a diverse array of accessories crafted to augment versatility and performance. These additions are engineered to seamlessly integrate with our shredders, boosting their functionality and adaptability.

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Why Shred Cannabis Plant Waste?

Shredding cannabis plant waste offers multifaceted benefits. It significantly reduces volume, easing disposal and by breaking down the material into smaller pieces, it expedites decomposition, making it quicker for microbes to act.

Shredding diminishes strong odors that arise during decomposition, making it more manageable, especially in confined areas. The shredded waste is also excellent for composting, blending well with other organics to create nutrient-rich soil. Lastly, compliance with disposal regulations is facilitated as shredding can render the material unusable, ensuring adherence to proper guidelines.

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