Cannabis, Hemp, and Marijuana Shredders

Shredders for extraction, grinding, and disposal of marijuana plants and waste.

industrial hemp shredder

Applications for Our Shredders

As more and more states legalize medicinal and recreational cannabis and marijuana usage, licenses are being granted to cannabis farmers and dispensaries all over the United States. The process of growing and harvesting the cannabis plant yields waste products such as roots, bulbs, stems and stalks.

These waste products are classified as controlled substances and as such must be disposed of in such a way as to render them useless.

On or off the field, harvest your crop with our industrial cannabis harvesting and processing equipment. Shred and mix your cannabis and hemp waste faster and more efficiently than ever before while complying with your state's marijuana and cannabis waste laws.

Destruction and Disposal

Our Cannabis Waste Shredders are specifically engineered for the destruction of cannabis waste. All machines are manufactured in the US and are built to offer high torque and throughput with direct feeding of blending materials.

Using our shredders will help you to effectively process your byproduct while complying with local and state regulations.

Processing and Extraction

Pre-conditioning hemp prior to CBD oil extraction and other processing can present some challenges based on the source material you begin with. 

There can be debris from the harvest process such as roots, rocks, bits of wood, or other materials. Different strains of hemp will change the density and moisture content. 

Our shredders can be customized to the needs of your extraction process to make sure you are left with the particle size you are after.

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