Our Cannabis Waste Shredders

At the core of our operations lies an unwavering dedication to top-notch quality embodied in our shredders, proudly crafted in the USA. We meticulously engineer and custom-build each machine to exceed the benchmarks set by the industry.

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MJ-21001 Dual Shaft Shredder - Basic Cannabis Waste Shredder

Basic Cannabis Waste Shredders

Our entry-level shredders are tailored for small to medium-sized cannabis cultivators, offering fundamental shredding capabilities ideal for managing marijuana plant waste. Crafted to fit your specific business requirements, each shredder is uniquely designed and built.

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Heavy Duty Cannabis Waste Shredders

Our high-capacity shredders are designed for large-scale cannabis producers, providing robust capabilities to efficiently process significant quantities of marijuana plant waste. Each shredder undergoes meticulous crafting to precisely match the unique demands of your business.

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MJ-21003 & MJ-21005 Dual Shaft Shredders - Heavy Duty Cannabis Waste Shredder
MJ-21010, MJ-21015, & MJ-21020 Dual Shaft Shredders - Enterprise Cannabis Waste Shredders

Enterprise Cannabis Waste Shredders

Our industrial-level shredders are customized to meet the high-capacity demands within large-scale cannabis cultivation environments, ideal for efficiently managing extensive volumes of plant waste. Crafted with meticulous precision, these shredders are specifically engineered to fulfill the rigorous requirements of your enterprise.

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Are You Ready for a Streamlined Method of Disposing Cannabis Plant Waste?

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Why Shred Your Cannabis Plants & Waste?

Cannabis Waste Disposal

Our cannabis waste shredders are specifically engineered for the destruction of cannabis waste. All machines are manufactured in the US and are built to offer high torque and throughput with direct feeding of blending materials.

Using our shredders will help you to effectively process your byproduct while complying with local and state regulations.

CBD Oil Extraction

Pre-conditioning hemp prior to CBD oil extraction and other processing can present some challenges based on the source material you begin with. There can be debris from the harvest process such as roots, rocks, bits of wood, or other materials. Different strains of hemp will change the density and moisture content. Our shredders can be customized to the needs of your extraction process to make sure you are left with the particle size you are after.

The Ultimate Destination for Cannabis Waste Shredding Solutions

Tailoring Custom Solutions for Every Production Scale

At Cannabis Harvesting Solutions, we boast our consultative sales approach designed to suit each client’s distinct needs. Our dedication to comprehending your precise requirements enables us to deliver optimal and budget-friendly solutions, ensuring your contentment from the initial contact.

From small-scale growers to expansive commercial enterprises, our extensive product range accommodates diverse production needs and scales.

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